Stephen Mitford Goodson: In Memoriam

Stephen Mitford Goodson, as his name suggests, was related to the Mitfords of Diana Mosley and Unity fame. Having served on the editorial board of The Barnes Review, he is most remembered by the imbecilic and notably unreliable Wikipedia and other sundry scum as a [...]

South Africa – Boer Lives Matter

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). [...]

Responses of International Capital to the Russian Revolutions

Monopoly capitalism and socialism are by no means irreconcilable. There are sufficient historical examples of a cordial relationship between the two to question the universal validity of the ‘socialism versus capitalism’ dichotomy. There have also been circumstances in which monopoly capitalism has not been [...]