What’s Behind the Anti-Right Witch-Hunt?

A witch-hunt is an attempt to find and punish a particular group of people who are being blamed for something, often simply, because of their opinions and not because they have actually done anything wrong. - Collins English Dictionary Since  it was discovered that Christchurch mosque shooter Tarrant gave a small [...]

The Corporatist Answer

When a state descends to chaos, and bankruptcy, often of both the economic and moral kinds, there can be a reaction by the remaining healthy parts of the people, for regeneration. Oswald Spengler referred in The Decline of the West to this epoch as a return of ‘Caesarism’ and the [...]

New Zealand in Wake of Mosque Shootings

While liberal cant remains latent in New Zealand and manifests periodically but quickly subsides, the shooting of 100 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 15 March 2019 by an Australian ‘white supremacist’ has infected probably at least 90% of the population and will have enduring effects. From a Rightist viewpoint, [...]

The UN Global Migration Compact

United Nations Global Migration Compact: Origins and Aims The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was signed on December 19, 2018 by 164 members of the U.N. General Assembly.  Twenty-nine U.N. member states did not sign the compact, including the USA, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, [...]

Stephen Mitford Goodson: In Memoriam

Stephen Mitford Goodson, as his name suggests, was related to the Mitfords of Diana Mosley and Unity fame. Having served on the editorial board of The Barnes Review, he is most remembered by the imbecilic and notably unreliable Wikipedia and other sundry scum as a “holocaust denier” and for being “anti-Semitic” [...]

South Africa – Boer Lives Matter

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). Some 80 squatter camps mainly of [...]

Education Matters To Me

Education matters to me: Key insights: a starting point for the Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities. New Zealand School Trustees Association, and Office of the Children’s Commissioner, January 2018. The news media has been full of reports on this study, purportedly showing that ‘racism’ in New Zealand schools is [...]

Are the Globalists Becoming Sinophobic?

Former White House aide Steve Bannon reportedly had two meetings with Henry Kissinger in September 2017, regarding China. The story was first reported by Bloomberg Business Week. Immediately the media was widely conjecturing the meaning of this Bannon-Kissinger dialogue, the details of which remain unknown. Somehow, it is also being [...]

Charlottesville: The Left in Excelsis

Looking through video footage of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstrations and the Antifa/BLM reaction covered by Left, Right and supposedly “neutral” mainstream news media, some salient points arise that are applicable the world over: the crapoid Left seem to at least have the self-realisation that they are deeply flawed [...]

Conspiracy Theory as a Personality Disorder?

While psychiatry as a means of repressing political dissent was well-known for its use the USSR, this occurred no less and perhaps more so in the West, and particularly in the USA. While the case of Ezra Pound is comparatively well-known now not so recognized is that during the Kennedy [...]

Responses of International Capital to the Russian Revolutions

Monopoly capitalism and socialism are by no means irreconcilable. There are sufficient historical examples of a cordial relationship between the two to question the universal validity of the ‘socialism versus capitalism’ dichotomy. There have also been circumstances in which monopoly capitalism has not been adverse to even violent social revolutions [...]

Megabucks for Black Lives Matter

Another Left-wing Cause with Capitalist Sponsors In Baltimore a leading Black Lives Matter[1] activist DeRay Mckesson, raised $222,000 for his mayoralty campaign,[2] which included $6,0000 each donated by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Twitter Executive Chairman Omid Kordestani. Another corporate donor was Stewart Butterfield, founder of Slack.[3] BLM has been [...]

The Alliance Between China and Zionism

The Zionist state’s relationship with China is something that has come to public attention with a new Chinese documentary on Israel, although the relationship between Communist China and Israel is of long and strategic duration. Walk into Israel – the Land of Milk and Honey has been produced by China’s [...]

Soviet anti-Zionism and the American Right

The phenomenon of Marxism from its advent was perceived in some quarters, including the anarchists such as Mikhail Bakunin, as a “Jewish” ideology. Ironically Karl Marx himself considered capitalism to be “Jewish” in spirit, that the bourgeois were imbued with the “Jewish spirit”, and that “Jewish” and “bourgeois” had become [...]

The Globalist Web of Subversion

…It is this power structure which the Radical Right in the US has been attacking for years in the belief that they were attacking the Communists.[1] When Professor Carroll Quigley, the eminent Harvard historian, wrote those words in 1966 he was referring to a “network” (sic) of plutocrats largely centered [...]

Russia and the Rise of a New Era

The Asia-Pacific region has become the focus for the USA, China and Russia. Australia and New Zealand have sought to create an alignment with both the USA and China, while recently there have been trade overtures between Russia and New Zealand. Antipodeans might find themselves caught between super-power rivalries while [...]

Roots of Present World Conflict

Western Duplicity During World War I   This paper contends that the present so-called “conflict of civilizations,” or “war on terrorism,” and the Arab-Israeli conflict have their origins in the covert machinations of the Great War that betrayed the Arabs, prolonged the war, and established a pestilential organism at the [...]

Last Empire: How Europe Lost Africa

While the Portuguese armed forces were engaged in fighting Black guerrillas in Angola and Mozambique, to their rear they were being ‘stabbed in the back’ by a much more lethal enemy based in the U.S.A. The Portuguese territories in Southern Africa were the last vestiges of European colonial power that [...]

The American War of Secession

Was the Confederacy a Tool of International Finance? The Secession-War arose on the issue of whether the Southern states, comprising a unit based on an aristocratic-traditional life-feeling, with an economic basis of muscle-energy, could secede from the union, which had been captured by the Yankee element. The Yankee territory was [...]

Kolionovo v. Usury: a Lesson for the World

A farmer in a small Russian village could have provided the key to Russia’s resurgence, and indeed to that of every state, family and individual in thrall to usury. However, the kolion has been banned as a “threat” to the rouble. Ironically, the kolion, which is designed to bypass usury [...]

Brooks Adams and the Law of Civilisation and Decay

There are many causes given for the death of Civilisations, including environmental, moral, racial, economic, and dysgenic. However, those who reject political economy whether of the English Free Trade School or its Marxian and other socialist derivatives, give too little attention to the central role of materialism in the decline [...]

The ‘Anglo-American conspiracy’

Alfred Milner and his ‘Group’: some myths about the ‘Anglo-American conspiracy’ American conservative writer Steve Sailer has written a balanced critique of what is widely termed the Rhodes/Milner ‘secret society’, ‘Milner’s Kindergarten’, or the ‘Round Table Group’ among ‘conspiracy theorists’.[1] Mr. Sailer provides an objective examination that is often missing, [...]

Oswald Spengler and Russia’s World Mission

It would be easy to regard Oswald Spengler, author of the epochal Decline of The West in the aftermath of World War I, as a Russophobe. In so doing the role of Russia in the unfolding of history from this era onward could be easily dismissed, opposed or ridiculed by [...]

Communism Fermented in Secret Societies

France provided impetus for the 18th century revolutionary underground. Secret societies provided the organisational basis for revolutionary groups. The American scholar J H Billington, in his study on revolution as ‘faith’ states that ‘so great was the impact of freemasonry in the revolutionary era that some understanding of the Masonic [...]