South Africa – Boer Lives Matter

What the ANC and its allies have been aiming for since their assumption to power is about to take place – the confiscation of White farms without compensation. It is part of a process of White dispossession. 82,000 Whites live in poverty (2011 statistics). [...]

The Globalist Web of Subversion

…It is this power structure which the Radical Right in the US has been attacking for years in the belief that they were attacking the Communists.[1] When Professor Carroll Quigley, the eminent Harvard historian, wrote those words in 1966 he was referring to a [...]

Last Empire: How Europe Lost Africa

While the Portuguese armed forces were engaged in fighting Black guerrillas in Angola and Mozambique, to their rear they were being ‘stabbed in the back’ by a much more lethal enemy based in the U.S.A. The Portuguese territories in Southern Africa were the last [...]

The American War of Secession

Was the Confederacy a Tool of International Finance? The Secession-War arose on the issue of whether the Southern states, comprising a unit based on an aristocratic-traditional life-feeling, with an economic basis of muscle-energy, could secede from the union, which had been captured by the [...]

Roots of Present World Conflict

Western Duplicity During World War I   This paper contends that the present so-called “conflict of civilizations,” or “war on terrorism,” and the Arab-Israeli conflict have their origins in the covert machinations of the Great War that betrayed the Arabs, prolonged the war, and [...]

Russia and the Rise of a New Era

The Asia-Pacific region has become the focus for the USA, China and Russia. Australia and New Zealand have sought to create an alignment with both the USA and China, while recently there have been trade overtures between Russia and New Zealand. Antipodeans might find [...]