Zionism, Islam & the West

This is an important book that will challenge many readers’ ideas and presuppositions about the direction the world is currently traversing and will appeal to a fairly wide audience. Zionism, Islam and the West constitutes a broad overview of the last century and insightfully [...]

Revolution from Above

In Revolution from Above, Dr. Bolton demonstrates that the supposed rivalry between Marxist-inspired movements and capitalism has always been an illusion. Marxism, Communism and liberalism have been and continue to be exploited by the forces of international capitalism to further their global agenda, despite [...]

Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey

Francis Parker Yockey, herald of Western resurgence, sought to apply the philosophy of Oswald Spengler to the problems of post-1945 Europe. Yockey’s ‘Cultural Vitalism’ provides an organic and enduring method of analysis for the life-course of Civilizations. Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey is the first [...]

Artists of the Right

Kerry Bolton’s Artists of the Right: Resisting Decadence is a study of ten leading 20th-century literary artists—including pioneering modernists—who were sympathetic with Fascism and/or National Socialism: D. H. Lawrence H. P. Lovecraft Gabriele D’Annunzio Filippo Marinetti W. B. Yeats Knut Hamsun Ezra Pound Wyndham [...]

The Last Struggle With the Mafia: Cesare Mori

Here is the story, in his own words, of how Cesare Mori, with the support of Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, took on the might of the Sicilian Mafia. It was a struggle that earned Mori much criticism of his methods from the liberal [...]

The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Oscar Wilde, better known as a genius of English literature, was also an avid advocate of ‘socialism’ of an ‘individualistic or ‘anarchist’ variety. However Wilde’s socialism, like his literary genius, was highly original. Wilde was neither a socialist nor an anarchist in the conventional [...]

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

In Seven Pillars of Wisdom we have a timely book, and one that will remain timely into the foreseeable future. In Lawrence we have an impeccable witness; not a diplomat, not a politician, not a lobbyist, but a scholar and a soldier who embodied [...]