Kolionovo v. Usury: a Lesson for the World

A farmer in a small Russian village could have provided the key to Russia’s resurgence, and indeed to that of every state, family and individual in thrall to usury. However, the kolion has been banned as a “threat” to the rouble. Ironically, the kolion, [...]

Brooks Adams and the Law of Civilisation and Decay

There are many causes given for the death of Civilisations, including environmental, moral, racial, economic, and dysgenic. However, those who reject political economy whether of the English Free Trade School or its Marxian and other socialist derivatives, give too little attention to the central [...]

Refugee Crisis Serving Globalist Dialectic

The origins of the Western conflict with Islam are a result of the duplicity of Britain and France during and after World War I, in their betrayal of their Arab allies, and the influence of Zionism that culminated in the Balfour Declaration.[1] In short, [...]

The ‘Anglo-American conspiracy’

Alfred Milner and his ‘Group’: some myths about the ‘Anglo-American conspiracy’ American conservative writer Steve Sailer has written a balanced critique of what is widely termed the Rhodes/Milner ‘secret society’, ‘Milner’s Kindergarten’, or the ‘Round Table Group’ among ‘conspiracy theorists’.[1] Mr. Sailer provides an [...]

Oswald Spengler and Russia’s World Mission

It would be easy to regard Oswald Spengler, author of the epochal Decline of The West in the aftermath of World War I, as a Russophobe. In so doing the role of Russia in the unfolding of history from this era onward could be [...]

Communism Fermented in Secret Societies

France provided impetus for the 18th century revolutionary underground. Secret societies provided the organisational basis for revolutionary groups. The American scholar J H Billington, in his study on revolution as ‘faith’ states that ‘so great was the impact of freemasonry in the revolutionary era [...]

Constant Conflict

Since the time of Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points’ for a brave new world in the aftermath of World War I, US policy-makers have been motivated by a messianic sense of America’s duty to impose its model of liberal-economic-democracy over the entire world. America has [...]

Russia and the Fight Against Globalisation

Distance enables perspective. And the best examples of this are the works of Kerry Bolton, on Russian history, politics, philosophy, economics etc. Being a follower of Oswald Spengler, Bolton builds his conception of Russia and the Russian Imperial Nation as the great positive factor [...]

The Decline and Fall of Civilisations

One of the greatest fallacies of the ‘modern world’ is the notion of ‘progress’. We imagine the entirety of history as culminating in a Darwinian march toward Western Civilisation. We think of our ‘progressive values’ of liberalism, self-indulgence, materialism, universal human rights, multiculturalism… to [...]

The Occult and Subversive Movements

‘Conspiracy theory’ is now a widely familiar term, albeit generally referred to with sarcasm and scorn. Yet ‘criminal conspiracies’ are heard before law courts. The Mafia, the Thuggee in India, and Triads in China are all recognised criminal conspiracies that have ritualistic and religious [...]

Prussian Socialism and Other Essays

Oswald Spengler, in the aftermath of the Great War, gained international repute as a philosopher-historian whose apparently doom-laden forecast on the eclipse of Western Civilisation, The Decline of The West, struck a chord amidst a period of moral, cultural, social and economic decay, around [...]

Opposing the Money Lenders

Opposing the Money Lenders - The Struggle to Abolish Interest Slavery is a collection of writings from some of the most determined fighters against usury and the Central Banking system during the 20th Century.  Those included are Arthur Nelson Field, John A. Lee, John [...]

Babel Inc.

Babel Inc. is an essential primer on the politics of globalisation and multiculturalism. Bolton demonstrates that conventional distinctions between the political left and right have been transcended by transnational corporations who regard the remnants of the nation-state as the last hurdle for global domination [...]

For My Legionaries

For My Legionaries is the passionate autobiography of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, a Romanian patriot from the early 20th Century who founded the Legion of Michael the Archangel, also known as The Iron Guard. This unprecedented movement saw itself as a crusade in the modern [...]

The Psychotic Left

Reading The Psychotic Left will be an eye-opener for many. The supposed repressive neuroses of the right pale in comparison with the selfish, vicious paranoia of the left (sometimes assisted by drug use and demonstrable brain damage). How can the right have failed to [...]

The Parihaka Cult

The Parihaka Cult : ‘The events that took place in and around Parihaka particularly from about 1860 to 1900 have affected the political, cultural and spiritual dynamics of the entire country’. Human Rights Commission, 2010 The ‘colonial invasion’ of Parihaka in 1881 and the [...]

The Banking Swindle

The Banking Swindle is not an economic textbook filled with technical jargon that only serves to obscure important issues. Rather, this is a book intended to explain in a straight-forward manner the way private banking interests - which have no loyalty to anything other [...]

Peron and Peronism

Peron and Peronism: The Life & Thoughts of Juan Domingo Peron, is unique, especially among English language books, insofar as it is not so much a biography of the remarkable Argentine president, but an explanation of Peronism in theory and practice. While the lives [...]

Stalin: The Enduring Legacy

Stalin: The Enduring Legacy, examines the anti-Marxist character of Stalinism, the legitimacy of the Moscow Trials against the ‘Old Bolsheviks’, the origins of the Cold War, the development of Trotskyism as a tool of US foreign policy, the question of Stalin’s murder, and the [...]

Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific

Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific: Emerging Conflicts, New Alliances, focuses on a region that has in recent years become of vital interest to the super-powers. Dr Bolton contends that the perceptions that are common in regard to Sino-Russian accord and Sino-American animosity are erroneous, and [...]

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